If you read Lab Rat’s post, you’ll know that today pretty much started off for shit. And so it continues.

I was having a mega-smoke break with CTL when I learned that F/OM requested that his department have an all-day retreat on my last day. You know, on my last day, if nothing else, my supervisor is supposed to take me to lunch. In fact, your supervisor is supposed to take you to lunch on your FIRST day, and everyone else in the agency (except me) was entitled to that privilege. So now, it looks like I won’t even have a farewell luncheon. Meanwhile, Brat was able to invite the whole Operations Team to his. Maybe that was to serve as my sendoff meal as well! 😉

Don’t know why it irritates me so much. Wait, yes I do. It’s because I have poured my heart, sweat and tears into this goddamned Wasteland, and they can’t even buy me a fucking sandwich to say thanks.

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