I just have to piss and moan for a sec about the workplace. I was thinking about the Leadership retreat I missed, and how pathetic the Pretentious Bitch really is, because she had to announce to my peers and immediate subordinates that she isn’t replacing me and that we cost all kind of money to the agency that we didn’t raise to compensate for it. Granted, this is shit she has no problem saying to my face, but when I stepped back to get perspective, I realize how abandoned she must feel, so much that she feels the need to publicly say, although not in so many words, “Fine! I didn’t need you anyway! Nyah Nyah!” Would it have killed her to acknowledge that I worked my hardest and that I’m moving on to a different opportunity? Instead she’s sticking her thumbs in her ears, waggling her fingers and blowing raspberries at me. Well, fuck you, too. 😀

The Puppeteer directed the TECD directrix to call me today, on her behalf, to quiz me on why Lori and I typed our grant applications a particular way. Puppeteer always told me to never list her as the contact person, so I have always been the contact on all of our proposals, because I’m at least in the office to get the calls. Well, with me leaving, Lori and I tried to figure out the most appropriate substitute, but we struggled because post-adoption services would fall under Program Directeur, but the people handling the program ultimately fall under the TECD directrix. Thus, we decided to list VB, who is over the adoption program, under the Directrix’s rule, and is a member of the executive team.

So of course I get a little talking-to about making the wrong decision, and I am informed that Lori will be addressed as well. I justified that we weren’t certain, so using VB was appropriate to us because of the aforementioned three reasons. Per Puppeteer, TECD directrix informed me to put the Puppeteer’s name from now on, and only list another director if we don’t use Puppeteer, and it has to be whomever Puppeteer designates.

Okay, first of all, LIKE I AM GOING TO BE HERE TO GO THROUGH THIS BULLSHIT AGAIN! This information and about $1.07 will get me a medium coffee at CoGo’s. lol And secondly, the decision to put VB’s name as the contact took about four minutes of my life, and thanks to the semantics of this agency, I had to spend 10 minutes on the phone, all but APOLOGIZING for the decision. Unreal.


14 more workdays till I AM OUTTA HERE!!!!

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