2010s in review

What a decade.

2010: Two job changes. Voluntary one in March to “voluntold” (unemployed) on Dec. 27. “Not a fit,” they said. They meant financially.

2011: Year o’ barely getting by. Thank the Baby Yoda for savings and freelance. Financial rock bottom sucks. Met the boy who would define my 2019 early this year. Started my job on Nov. 7. Just celebrated 8 years!

2012: Worked hard. Met a nice boy. I wasn’t into marriage and kids before that. Started thinking “maybe …”

2013: Big, structural changes at work. No more relationship. No more time for one. Embarked on a scary new project that lasted four years.

2014: Left Palm Beach. Horrible move. But now five miles from work. I hired a total incompetent and ended up doing all the work AND babysitting. Stressful year all around. But I reconnected with a boy from my long ago past and enjoyed the long-distanceness of it all.

2015: Got involved in a big lawsuit. Boss, who already hated my guts, stopped hiding that fact. But he fired the incompetent for me, and we brought on some cool people. Psycho busy year. Grew and outgrew people and situations.

2016: The year was unremarkable till my sweet young friend passed away suddenly. I re-evaluated our workaholic-ness (which she saw me doing, and mimicked because she was just as dedicated and, frankly, she was way more talented), and I took my first vacation. Then there was the flaming dumpster fire that was the election. Nonstop anxiety since.

2017: The cool project/team was disbanded. I was one of the lucky survivors to get called back to the original company as all my other friends floated away. Got a new job offer that I turned down … two months before getting let go from the new/old entity. But in the end, I was kept on.

2018: Kept on, and promoted. Just as I was leaving for ANOTHER offer because, this girl had been through enough. But I stayed and thrived. Lawsuit ended amicably. Signed a lease in Palm Beach at year-end, and initiated my move back to where I belong.

2019: Reconnected with the boy from 2011 and got to experience All the Butterflies. Relationship bloomed. And imploded. I lost my best friend and that wasn’t even the worst part. Then the 2015 boy looked me up and called me every name in the book. I learned to read tarot cards and sharpen my intuition. Hired the perfect person. But everything lost its luster until someone sent me a plane ticket that will change my life if I let it.

2020s: My flight took off Wednesday …

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