10 Days, 10 Victims

I cannot begin to describe how freaked out we are at the office today with this newest shooting.


Sharpshooters are stationed in a local apartment tower (I won’t post it just in case the killer is computer literate), aiming at the Mobil station across the street from my work, as well as pointing toward I-395, because based on the geographical profile, if Alexandria, VA, becomes a target, that’s the most likely area where the killer may strike. SM said HR told her this (and HR used to work for the FBI) — yet they’re not disseminating the info to staff, for some reason. All of us go there for gas and snacks … why WOULDN’T she share the info?!?!


There WAS a strange white van, with black-tinted windows, parked in CompUSA’s lot, about 150 yards from here. I watched it pull in and 25 minutes later, I watched it leave. No one left the vehicle, as though the driver were casing the area. It’s rainy and miserable today, and he parked fairly far away from the store, where there were much closer spots available. I saw six police cars in 20 minutes cruise the area. At any rate, the van had six windows and had some kind of rails on top of it, particularly on the right side. SM is trying to get through to the tip line, just to share what I saw. Turns out that the same van parked on the other side of our building, too, according to the weird librarian. She and another employee notified the tip line of that. How strange. …

This is so fucked up. I’m too worried to work or do anything but try to find breaking news.

On a lighter note, my newest theory: the killer is wasting a lot of gas, driving around this area, where traffic is horrendous at best. Perhaps he’s road raging and simply follows bad drivers off the road to gas stations, where he pumps them full of lead while he’s filling his car with unleaded gas.

At any rate, this is why I don’t own a gun, ‘cuz I’d be throttling bad drivers myself.

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