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Saturday, September 17, 2005

And when did Kadi become the good cat?

Mommy's sorta had it with me -- I don't know why, as I thought she would be as proud as I was that I managed to poop beside the box Every Single Morning this week! Poo-tinky!!!

My punishment was weird, though. She wouldn't let me go outside, as I always want to go get a breath of fresh air after I've defiled the air-conditioned abode. But, alas, she lit all kinds of incense and candles and made me stay put to inhale the myriad of fragrances. Bleah.

She's been saying that my lil sister Kadi is now her good cat. Rubbish! Kadi's still a braindead fool who now adds "predator" to her short (bus) resume. Oh yeah, talk about what the cat dragged in! Kadi plays with bugs when we go outside, and now she brings them inside.

Mommy went to feed us dinner a couple of nights ago and was slightly mortified at the very large, very dead spider floating in Kadi's water dish. That's because Kadi wanted to give her new, eight-legged friend a bath and she ended up drowning him. And there Mommy went, thinking her baby girl was smart enough to kill a gnarly little pest. She's so happy in her delusions. :)

I suppose I need to make a half-assed attempt to show that I am still the prodigal cat. So, this morning, I did NOT shit on the floor. And in my house, that's news!


At 8:33 AM, Blogger Sub Girl said...

congrats on not crapping on the floor!

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Caryn said...

You and Echo the Cat, our top cat, would get along well! He is very disgruntled that we added two other cats to the family, so he poops outside the box every day, too.


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