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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Catching flies

Oh, Kadi. Dumb, sweet Kadi.

We have floor-to-ceiling windows, which Kadi and I love to lie inside and watch life from our second-floor world. And they're not really all that clean -- the outside of the windows are filthy from grill residue and pollen and whatnot, and pollen makes Mommy sneeze, so she ain't in a huge hurry to bust out the Windex.

I say this to set up the fact that you can TELL that there are windows -- our glass does NOT get mistaken for an unobstructed portal to the outside world.

Kadi, however, not so smart.

She was watchin' a fly that was whizzing around the balcony this morning. And she was so psyched about the damn fly that she was ripping up and down the 10-foot length of windows, following the fly.

And then, the inevitable happened.



Tweety Birds flying around her head.

Yes, Kadi tried to jump throuogh the window at the fly.

But alas, just as the fly was not done taunting her, neither was she done trying to catch it.




This went on five more times. FIVE!!! Mommy was trying to get some work done for her job, but she was fascinated by Kadi's persistence. She didn't try to stop her, of course -- that woulda spoiled all our fun!

Finally, even the fly had had enough amusement for the day and buzzed off, which seemed to disappoint our lovely, synapse-addled cat brain.

Man, I don't call that cat Short Bus for nothin'!!!


At 8:05 PM, Anonymous Ollie said...

Oh MAN, I wish you could take pictures with your little kitty hands. That would have been priceless.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Jules said...

I can SO relate to the kitty mentality. I have 5 of them and the silly things they do just floor me! My miniblinds show the wear and tear caused by things OUTSIDE my windows, too. The cats still think thay can "get" whatever it is out there. Truth is, my windows are not really that clean either (I've got much better things to do). They still persist! Have a great kitty cat day!


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