Today feels different 

My Monday morning project is postponed to Tuesday this week. So that’s a good feeling. But it’s bigger than that.  

My realtor is already on the lookout for my next house. Not to say I won’t end up with the fourth dud in a row. (I remember loving my last three apartments in Alexandria/Rockville, so it isn’t just me.)  But, you know, it’s a step out if not forward. 

There’s probably more wrong than right in my world. But I am looking at it the opposite way. I have more blessings than I can notice. So I’m going to start really seeing them and appreciating them more. 

I half-assed did the 100 Happy Days challenge last year. I got to day 14 when the Thundercunts moved out and I figured all was going to be well. I assumed wrong. 

But I can make the days good. Just as long as I don’t hide in my work like usual and let all the promise of each day go to pot when I get home and get lost in the Housewives episode/season du jour.  Which, given how early I have to get up for tomorrow’s project, is sounding pretty likely at this point. 

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