30-day writing challenge: Write about someone who inspires you

It is said that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. So, surround ourselves wisely.

In The Days of Old, that would have been Mom, my boss, and My BoysTM.

I don’t call the new guys My Boys. I like them just fine. I like them even more when someone from The Days of Old texts about one of the boys. We joke that I dropped them off at foster care to let someone else raise them.

For a while there, one did inspire me to be healthier, more social, more open, more free, more vocal, more me. I needed that. I took that with me when I left.

Who inspires me now? Someone else I hired, believe it or not. Has so many interests. Has boundaries. Is so smart. You don’t know how amazing they are till you take the time to get to know them, like I had the pleasure of doing.

I’ve had ordinary people put me down because I don’t care for small talk. But that’s the thing. I want to hear about big dreams and big loves and big achievements.

I want to make more deeply intoxicating soul connections. Feel the heat from unexpected sparks of light and life.

I want to know what is possible, when we dare.

Show me your extraordinary, and I’ll show you mine.

I had that once. I’ll have it again. Bigger and better this time.

With that, maybe I’m my own biggest inspiration.

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