30-day writing challenge: 5 ways to win my heart

I’ll never reveal the actual treasure map to my heart. Maybe it’s that even I don’t know the exact way. But for anyone looking to have Rapunzel let down her hair extensions again, here are some things they can do or say.

1. Love your momma. I melt for men who think their mom is the most beautiful, kindest, sweetest woman who ever lived.

Not the ones I know with, or who will probably end up with, Munchausen syndrome because of their “mummies,” of course. Ick.

Some women get jealous of the “original” Mrs. (Lastname). I don’t get that. I would love to have a second mom who’s great to me, too.

Sure, I get where some mothers-in-law are concerned about who gets their family name. They want to make sure their little boy gets the best girl out there; a lot of men settle because they don’t want to be alone. My divorced guy friends often end up admitting their moms never liked their ex-wives in the first place. Go figure.

So ghouls, win her over at every opportunity … if you love her boy enough, of course.

2. Treat servers well. Tip generously. Be kind. I’ve fallen for people in such random moments. Yes, in the exhilarating ones. But I’ve fallen a whole lot deeper when the service is terrible and he gets us ALL through the meal with a smile.

Also I really love when they handle it — like when I get double onions when I said none. When he says, hey, waiter, she must have gotten someone else’s order; would you fix this please?


Hell that swoon deserves its own mention …

3. Those three magic words. No, not I love you. Rather, “I got this.”

Even when someone offers to take care of something for me, I say no. That’s because I don’t want to get out of the habit of doing everything. Everyone is ephemeral, and I end up “having it” again eventually anyway.

4. Saying “I got this” … and ACTUALLY HAVING THIS.

Some people are full of promises. Some actually fulfill them. Even if it’s just for a season, it’s nice to feel like you’re on a team of more than one.

5. Three more magic words. “I believe you.”

I had a situation where someone was trashing me recently. Two situations. I got some good advice — head up, mouth shut. And it passed.

Karma has a great GPS, too, so I don’t worry about them OR me.

The trash doesn’t take itself out; sometimes you just have to keep throwing it out the window till it gets tired of coming back. Someday, they’ll learn.

To have someone listen to what’s going on and say “I believe you,” “I support you,” and “I will defend you against petty people who have no reason for being on this earth other than to eventually fertilize it” …

You guessed it. Swoon.

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