Zoo Boos

Our zoo sucks. I reviewed it on Faceypages for its utter suckage. Now a throng of “Zoo Boos” (mom’s clever phrase) is on the attack.

Mind you, I deleted my app days ago. But I got notifications. Which prompted me to go turn them off. 

Look. I wasted money. I left depressed. I hated it. H-a-t-e-D it.  I mean, I’ve never been so impassioned about leaving a negative review but it was that bad. 

Now all these bitches are basically telling me I suck, I need to do research and I need to leave the earth. 

I laugh. Must be Trump voters. 

I won’t say I got to go to the Smithsonian zoo for free because D.C. is awesome that way. And that it was breathtaking, as opposed to overgrown and moldy and disgusting. 

I hated the lack of animals. Granted a lion murdered an employee there recently. The conditions are so deplorable, I see why. 

And I’m a writer. I say it’s my opinion. I say it’s how I felt. I don’t want anything. Well, maybe for the animals to have clean water and a less awful habitat. But shit. Why cast a pox upon me for that? 

I will pray for those animals. The real ones, not the cunty bitches who try to bully people into deleting their posts. 

Am off Facebook, after all. 

And good riddance. 

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