You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind

I dreamed I met Janet Yellen and she invited me to apply for a job at the Federal Reserve. 

I loved her. She was a riot. The thought of working for such a powerful institution scared the shit out of me.  But I really wanted to be wherever she was. 

There was this war going on in my head, between “omg opportunity of a lifetime” and “but at least I can hide in little companies that no one outside the field has ever heard of.”

Janet was having none of that. She said your career is going nowhere because the people and companies you think are so great are going nowhere. And since when were you ever happy not doing something to change the world?

I tell you, that dream was a bucket of cold water on my soul. And the Irish saying in my post title came to mind immediately. You don’t get to greatness just by hoping for it. 

Was Yellen trying to tell me that I’ll never see greatness on my current path? That maybe I need to stop letting psycho neighbors (who woke me up from my dream) be my biggest challenge? 

And was I somehow telling her I’m ok being off the world’s radar?  When the hell did that happen? Moreover, when did I become ok with it?

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