‘You’ll either wake up or you won’t’

Everyone knows I love me some Hillary. And I adore this Glenn Thrush interview with Hillary Clinton on Politico.

I’m not gonna lie. I am dealing with some major, major stuff right now. And I feel like I can’t tell anyone the depth of it — even my mom.

What I’m worried about, honest to God normal people would never think this could happen to them. It’s not some existential debating — I’m talking bona fide, this shit is in progress.

It’s also out of my hands.

Something Hills said made me feel like the elephant stopped crushing my sternum for a few glorious moments.

Apparently she can sleep through even the most turbulent flights. How?

“I can’t fly the plane; I can’t change the weather — falling asleep, you’ll either wake up and things will be fine or you won’t.”

I mean I don’t know if what is gnawing at me will turn out OK. But I do know it will come to an end, one way or another.

That end might be my sick mom and my sick cat and me on the streets. Or just a whole lot of stress and tension and waiting and wondering for an indefinite period until something eventually goes down. Or maybe nothing much at all.

Anyway, the WaPo calls this the Tao of Hillary. Even for those of you feeling the itch or the burn or whatever your meds haven’t touched, you’ll understand my girl a whole lot more.

You know. So you can vote for her in the general.

Come on, give me something to hope for here!

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