‘You stink, Justin Matisse!’

This is one of my favorite lines from “Hope Floats.” Bernice tells Justin that they once had a skunk named after him. She obviously hates him.

I want to say that to this freaking pest I wish would just buzz the hell off. I called him Stinky Binky the other day.

Stinky Binky just informed me that X and Y are true. Well guess what, asshole. I was standing there when you received the information and I sure as hell didn’t take away any of that.

I’m going to be nice and meet with Pinhead 2.0 because it’s a favor to a friend. But there is no way in God’s green earth that I’m going to endorse your funky butt for anything.

Delusional twit. He’ll make a great Republican presidential contender someday.

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