‘You put the knife right in my back, killed any history we had’

“You stole my sanity
Now you are the enemy
Are you sure you wanna play this game?
Are you sure you wanna play it?”

— Daughtry, “Traitor”


Saw Daughtry last night at SunFest. I showed up for The Bangles’ set at 2 p.m. (fucking fantastic) and stayed the whole time till he took the stage at 9 p.m. And OMG, fabulous.

Anyway, the lyric above stuck in my head in a way it hasn’t in my casual listening to his newest album.

I realized someone declared war on me a long time ago, and only now did I realize, hey, how many times do you really think you can dick around me with me and I’m just going to keep squirting lube in my ass to make it more-bearable?

It sucks when friends become the enemy. But it sucks far less that I spied it with my third eye a long time ago and, really, it was just a matter of time.

It’s been a while since I declared, “Fuck me and I will FUCK YOU BACK.”

It kind of feels good actually.

Even though I have no idea how to win at this juncture …

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