‘You have your fill And your spill reaches down as far as a flood’

When you can’t do all the good you want to in this world, but others are doing it for all of us …

Coronavirus-stricken China sent testing kits to Italy. And Italy, where the entire country is shut down, has newly forwarded test kits to the U.S.

[No wonder Norway called us an underdeveloped country. Well, with underdeveloped healthcare infrastructure, but still. We are no longer first-world in the eyes of the world.]

Where was I? Oh yeah. Waves of kindness crashing over us.

And it is showing up in all kinds of ways.

A bistro in Paris that’s closing is donating its cheese.

Shops in my friend’s town in Ohio are donating food to the least fortunate.

People are delivering food to school kids in D.C. who are going without meals at home with no school to provide one.

LVMH and a North Carolina distillery are changing up their factories to mass-produce hand sanitizer. A Minnesota distillery is doing the same … and giving it away for free.

Xfinity is opening up its Wi-Fi to non-customers. And AT&T is supposedly waving overages.

Many of the rest of us are over-tipping and buying restaurant gift certificates to ensure they have some revenue while they are shut down for the next 1-2 months. (My friend just said her kids on the West Coast can’t go back to school till May. MAY.)

THIS is the world I incarnated for.

“I said we are inter-dependent
And the effects on each other never ending
And that the air has no boundaries
I think this water that surrounds me
Is the same water soaking’ through to you.”
— Cyndi Lauper, “Eventually”

Today’s tarot card: the Three of Pentacles. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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