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I feel like I need to blog. I don’t know why. There’s nothing I can type aloud. And yet, here I am.

My trip to Baltimore/D.C. has resulted in a lot of lingering thoughts. Far from closing any doors (which was never my intention anyway), it opened so many more.

I would never claim to be settled in my career, but I’m happy. Well, like a friend pointed out, anything seems better in comparison to a Thai brothel, so there you have it. 🙂 I’m trying hard not to get to the overworked state with which I am altogether too familiar. Because it’s too damn easy to get there.

So, I keep my energy and my hours in check, and while I stress out that some shit should have been done a long time ago, I acknowledge that I have the same hours in the day as everyone else. And if it ain’t life-or-death, don’t treat it as though it were.

I remember hauling ass and working seven days a week for five months. No church or Weight Watchers meetings. Nothing for me. And I did it, you know? These days, I look back and wonder FOR WHAT? (Think “tree falling in the forest.”)

I killed myself trying to be perfect and productive for someone who could give a shit less about my well-being. I got criticized at every available opportunity. For nothing and by nobody. And my commitment was rewarded with distrust and disregard.

To quote a wonderful Lucy Woodward song, “Something like this only happens to dumb girls.”

Relationships, well, were never my weakness nor my strong point. Another friend once said that witnessing my career has been like watching me pick one loser after another.

I always figured I’d be divorced by now; I can certainly say that leaving a certain job was pretty much the equivalent of dissolving a partnership and having nothing … not even anger or hatred … left. We should have lived together before we got married. The end. Take back the ring — it was probably cubic zirconia anyway.

But yeah, onto matters of the heart, there were some doors opened up north. Maybe even re-opened.

I had Tweeted something along the lines of spending an evening with someone I loved with all my heart, a long time ago, and then having an encounter with someone with whom I could very well spend the rest of my life.

I’ve since been in contact with both. Both are heading my way at some point in the next couple of months.

Nature will take its course here. It always does. It’s impossible to meet people near my age in South Florida, so if my fate is to be entangled with people from Maryland, so be it!

Speaking of city folk, I got my new iPad on Friday. It’s the 3G, so that was when it shipped. (i’ve had this thing on pre-order for what feels like FOREVER.) I haven’t gotten the 3G service yet, but it’s good to have the option.

Anyway, when I got my first iPhone, I’d say five out of six of my friends had one. Technology was nothing new among our group of friends. I was the oldest and yet the poorest, but my money (what little was left over) was earmarked for technology.

Down here in Florida, I have better luck with AT&T (fewer dropped calls. Note I said ‘fewer’, not ‘never’). That’s because nobody down here has a clue about technology. Hence, I’m the only iPad owner in Palm Beach County. And, quite possibly, Martin and Broward counties.

No big deal, really. I just took my iPad to Sunfest (the accompanying photo is from the closing fireworks display) and the girl who was searching my bag lost her shit and was thrilled to be able to touch ‘one of those iPad thingies.’

I enjoyed the attention, but marveled at how different things are in the city, where I was keeping up with the Joneses. And now, I AM the Joneses! Or Jones. Or what the hell ever.

Exhaustion is kicking in. I have some work to finish up tonight, but I’m not even going to bother. It’s nothing personal toward the job; I just don’t have any more productive hours left in me today.

I look forward to falling asleep and, perchance, of dreaming of the possibilities that not only lie ahead, but might be enough to make me backtrack … both in time and perhaps in geography.

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