You attract what you fear

I must fear no-talent assclowns. Because they are running my country and ruining my life.

When fucknut got elected, I was thinking about promotional ideas for my services that everyone has since gone and murdered. I noted to myself, “Your CEO is now your president.”

I didn’t mean my CEO. I just mean, the election was my worst nightmare in more than the obvious ways.

With that orange shitgibbon in charge, he conjures up memories of every leader (at any level) you ever rolled your eyes about. The human bag of douche got enough illiterate people’s votes to ruin your non-working life. Because you weren’t stressed out enough.

I need to start fearing yachts, handsome men, bank accounts with commas, and people who don’t murder successful services and shame excellent writers because they’re not as milquetoast as the spook everyone throws their panties at.

Fuck this day.

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