YAY! And, WTF?

The good: I got approval to move into my new digs!

The bad: Now to part with my money. (*weeping*)

The ugly: A $225 AMENITY FEE? What the HELL?!?! How is it that NO ONE bothered to MENTION that in the first place?!?!!

OK, if this is a one-time fee, maaaaaayyyybbeeee I will not bristle too much more, suck it up and deal with it. But hoo boy, what a way to take me from the top of the world to under the earth in a heartbeat.

No matter — I will USE that damn gym to get my money’s worth. (At least, that’s what I’m telling myself right now.)

In any event, woo hoo!

7 Responses to YAY! And, WTF?

  1. Victor :

    Guess you’re not moving to Gaithersburg? How will Nic and I bail you ou…I mean, keep an eye on you?

  2. Goddess Dawn :

    It’s Northwest D.C. — definitely close enough so that I don’t have to spend the WHOLE night in jail (just hurry, though!) 😉

  3. Lachlan :

    Congrats, love! You deserve it. A whole new beginning.

  4. Goddess Dawn :

    Thanks! 🙂

    You know, they were also kind of shady about utilities too. No one ever told me I had to pay for water. I agreed to gas, but not that, and my agreement suddenly says I am responsible for everything but electric?!. I am hoping this is the last surprise I’ll be getting!

    *serenity now* … think of all the hot single men I’ll be meeting during activity nights. …

  5. Sabre :

    *sniffs air*

    Do I smell a party?

  6. Isabel :

    We’ll be neighbors!!! Let’s be friends, too. Seriously.

  7. Caterwauling :

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