Crank yanker

I’ve had my new phone for about a month now, and I have yet to transfer over all my old address book entries from the previous phone. (I was with AT&T Wireless for years and was switched over to the Cingular network two years ago. Last month, I finally got myself fully upgraded to Cingular. Which means my previous SIM card is useless.)

So anyway, I’ve had sort of a problem with my stored phone numbers, because not everyone is listed by their proper name.

You might have seen the commercial with the chick who’s giddy over deleting her ex from her phone. She says how she gets rid of stuff from him or that reminds her of him, and the last step is to delete him from the phone, and it’s like he never existed. She’s downright delirious after finishing this ritual. Zap! He’s gone from her life.

Me? I don’t do that. What I do is change their names. So, I have a lot of “Assclown,” “Dipshit,” “Momma’s Boy,” “Psycho” and “Satan’s Spawn” types of address book entries.

And while it’s not that I want people like THAT to contaminate my new phone, but I feel like I should transfer them over anyway just in case they call so I know not to pick up EVER. But there’s so damn MANY of these crazy-ass monikers in there that I can’t exactly remember which one was which!!!

Would it be tacky to just contact all of them and ask who they are and then hang up on them? LOL. That way I can save the numbers while I’m at it. 😉 But can I trust myself to not exclaim, “Oh, that’s right, YOU’RE the assclown! And here I’d thought you were more of the motherfucker variety”?

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  1. trouble :

    That’s hilarious! I need to share this post with my friend.

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