Word and other choices

Someone casually inquired the other day whether it’s appropriate to do an intervention based on someone’s Facebook posts.

In my usual flip way, I said people are morons and eff ’em.

But as usual, I really shouldn’t answer too quickly. Because that’s not how I feel in most cases.

I mean sure, my ex-roommate who’s found sobriety and posts about it forty fucking seven times a day is either high on life … or doing lines and looking up sobriety-related memes to share all day and all night. Especially all night.

I had to silence that shit. Too fucking happy (or high) for me, man.

I mean, good for you — but just like drugs and gun love and noise, keep it away from me.

But …

If “intervention” is generically used like my old friend and his “BAE” have a bucket list when they’re not dying, well. Word choices aside, if it means helping someone who could use guidance or resources that you have in your head that they do not know how to extract from your head, then ALWAYS HELP. If they need help covering their shifts so they can go recharge on a beach somewhere, absolutely yes. Help a brotha or a sista out.

What I wish I said was always help. Always. If you can help, don’t ever hold back.

They may not want the help. Or the type of help being offered, if it is specified. But, ask what they need first and they may surprise you and not need all that much to get where they need to be going.

With that, I think it’s time to go dark here again. And on Faceypages too.

If anyone does, say, want to ask why or offer to lend a hand, I wouldn’t mind at all …

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