Wish I were there


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I *~*heart*~* photoblogging — I get to keep my whiny, widdle feelings to myself and you get to go, “Ooh, shiny! Pretty!” when you look at my photo albums.

I tossed up some photos from Las Vegas and Aspen, Colo., today. Mostly all are day shots — I have a psychotic addiction to nighttime landscapes, and not a blasted one of them turned out well, unfortunately. But, alas, that just means I’ll need to get back and try again. 😉

Most of these were taken with a 35mm camera or my camera phone. And after I took three measly rolls and one disposable camera to CVS, I wasn’t allowed out for less than $70. The hell?!?! No wonder the world’s gone digital — it’s EXPENSIVE to get “real” photos, half of which didn’t even turn out. Gah.

In any event, enjoy!

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