Will blog for chocolate

I broke a month-long chocolate hiatus tonight with a small bit of chocolate ice cream. *swoon* If I ever claim I don’t miss it, please to be informed that I am lying.

Had an adventure in the grocery store, in which I was informed in the produce aisle that I was “sexy as hell.” Awww. He kept coming back around, too, to comment that “your man is one lucky dude.” Apparently I had my simple silver band on the left hand tonight. (Am bloated — it goes on whichever hand it fits on!) I decided to take that as a sign to keep my trap shut, but I admit I was thrilled at the attention.

Good God, all the single men were out tonight! Note to self: Start shopping on Sunday nights. Yum.

Actually, make that “shop after dinner,” as my foray for lettuce and fruit cost about 75 bucks. (The hell? For two bags of crap at Whole Foods? *sigh* Oh, right, that’s why we call it “Whole Paycheck.”) Between the delicious produce and the even-more-delicious bachelors, I was doomed. Doomed, I tell you.

But they did have blackberries from my beloved Westmoreland Berry Farm, so score! (Although, for the record, they obviously tasted way better when I got them fresh from the farm last week.)

Oh good golly, if I’m blogging about supermarket adventures, can we say “contrived blog entry,” boys and girls. I’ll bet we can!

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