Whistle while you work

I needed to drag my monitor to the curb, which is about a 500-foot walk. And I was hellbent on never having to set it down to take a break (it’s an old Apple monitor, made in 1994, and it weighs just less than a grown adult).

So did I manage to do it in one take? Hell yeah — I made a game out of it. I fabricated a little story in my head, that it was a dead, lifeless body and if I made it the whole way without dropping it, the police would never find me. I decided I was dragging a carcass from the scene of the crime to the river where I would deposit it and nobody would ever see its miserable ass again and I would never be caught.

And when I could finally let go and drop the damn brick at its final destination, I kicked it for good measure and told it how nobody would never notice that it disappeared from this earth. The world was now safe and full of the joy it had tried so valiantly to rob of it, but good always triumphs over evil in the end. Miserable piece of shit!

I think I’ve watched too many crime-scene shows. Either that or I am practicing for a time when the ablity to dump a body may come in handy. … 😉

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