What would Olivia Pope do?

So let’s say in a hypothetical Bizarro world, someone thought it would be a good idea to have their lawyer threaten you because, say, you don’t have enough time to parse their incoherent bullshit.

But when you, say, propose nicely how to transform it into mildly coherent bullshit, you get publicly excoriated …

Wouldn’t it make sense to file a counter-claim to say, “Stahp it with the bullshit already”?

There was a trending Twitter tag recently, #imsavingfor. I listed mine as “Bail Money.” I got some retweets from fellow sufferers. And some others are ready to chip in for my defense fund.

I’m trying very hard not to stress out. But damn, people. You’re lucky I’m not Olivia Pope. She’d extradite your ass to Iran or something. Or sic Huck on you.

I think I need to hire Olivia ….

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