What life should be like

I’m at my destination and having a blast.

It kills me that it took me till the last weekend of December to have a damn vacation day. But I love it and now I want to find a rich man so I don’t have to work 70 hours a week like it was what I was put on earth to do.

I am hanging out with my adopted family and I think they love me more than one of their daughters with the same name. And I am happy to take her place. 🙂

Everyone felt bad that I couldn’t make it up here earlier this month for the annual pilgrimage to Carmine’s. So the suggestion is out there that I should come up here for my 40th birthday in May and they will take me to dinner there.

Which, Awesome! Except the part about turning 40. Since, I’ll be doing that a few dozen times. But the first time should be special, right?

I was just stalking Whorothy because her name is always in the air when I’m hanging out with this friend I’m visiting. She has been posting some photos that, well, look exactly like her. Which is a shame. But anyway.

So one gal in the photo was making a comment about looking unattractive. (She really isn’t.) Whorothy comments to say, “Everyone thinks you and I look alike!”

I almost threw up my yummy sushi dinner and cannoli carrot cake I had for dessert. I imagine the other girl did too.

Honey, it is NOT a compliment to tell someone she looks like you. I’ll bet we hear of some suburban mom driving her minivan off a cliff tomorrow. You mark my words.

I was telling my friend about another of my boys who needs to be filed under the “Hint, Cannot Take” label. Here’s the deal. If you have to annoy me with, “You need to learn how to communicate/write back/call back/etc.” then I have two replies:

1. Consider that if you have to bully me into replying, well, you shouldn’t.

2. Do you think it makes you boyfriend material? Like, I will just fall head the fuck over heels with someone who feels the need to order me around or make snide passive-aggressive comments now? What the fuck would you be like later?

I met a nice guy here. Seems perfectly lovely. But A) I’m not in the mood for love and B) he doesn’t meet any of my “dream guy” criteria.

That’s right boys. I have a checklist. Always have, always will. And I’m not apologizing for it.

You want someone with Barbie proportions and an insatiable appetite for sucking cock, then it’s A-OK that I have my “I’m not wasting time with douchebags and dumbasses” fortress around my wish list.

My friend’s husband is one of the best people I’ve ever met. And I know my friend has done a hell of a job training him. 😉 But he’s also fairly awesome without any assistance. So when I DO find someone, he’s coming up here for boot camp to have my friends refine any edges he may still have.

This is what life should be like. Filled with fun and family and love and support and laughs. Don’t get me wrong — they have their “stuff.” And I know I am bringing some comic relief at a time it is needed most.

But I see people who work hard, play hard and love hard, and that’s what I want. That’s what life should be like. Mine is OK but this … this is what I’ve never seen before to know to emulate.

And I love being part of it.

Can’t wait to celebrate my birthday with this crew! I just wish my mom could be part of it.

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