What I got right in 2014

1. Started going to meditation classes. The first half of the year, anyway.

2. Went to yoga. Once. On my 40th birthday. But still.

3. Went to the Salt Suite. OMG, my breathing was improved thousandfold after that visit.

4. Went to Weight Watchers meetings regularly. The first half of the year, anyway.

5. Started walking at least 5,000 steps each weekday and 10,000 on weekend days. Again, the first half of the year.

6. Snuck out of town a couple of times. It made me love and hate my life more intensely. At least I still have some passion left in me.

7. Opened up my heart in a big, never-before-seen way. I think this is going to save me and kill me. In that order. But it’s better than hiding behind a desk or a laptop, feeling nothing. I’ve been perfectly dead inside for far too long.

That’s about it. The “what I got wrong” edition would blow the bandwidth on my web hosting plan, so we’ll stop there!

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