Well that was awkward

Got the old band back together yesterday.

No, not the one that was eviscerated because the LVP of the team left earlier this year.

The one BEFORE that. The one I left to join the one that I miss every day. The one where I missed the team BEFORE for quite some time, too.

Let’s just say yesterday’s waterfront lunch was the most grammatically correct meeting of the minds in history.

I feel terrible though because the two of us at the lunch who are on the current team could not help but telling stories (so many stories) to the escapee at the table about their replacement.

And it’s funny to hear nice people vent. Everything is bookended with, “I feel so bad for thinking this.”

It’s not fair to compare people. But damn. If only this one had stayed, things would be as perfect as they could get.

This guy ran screaming from the lunch. Here’s to a next time, and having anything else to talk about …

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