Well, poop

Despite the plethora o’ shit I have to deal with, today I want to complain about the, well, lack thereof in other parts, if ya catch mah drift.

I’ve been on this medication for four months now. It is doing nothing to improve the condition it was intended for. However, all of the side effects have shown up to the party and it’s irritating because all the bad stuff is here but the good stuff isn’t happening.

I wasn’t worried when the label said the pills may cause fatigue, bloatedness, irritability, blurred vision and constipation. Fuck, I enjoy most of that without paying $20 a bottle. But I figured it was a small price to pay to get better.

Hah. Meanwhile I have two refills left on this thing and realize now that I have to take other pills to combat all the damn side effects. No wonder people get hooked on medications — it’s not that you WANT to ingest a veritable pharmacy of meds, but you HAVE to.

I still get mad at people who poop at work, though. I don’t care if an urge does come at an inappropriate time — that doesn’t mean you should indulge it!

There are no fans in the ladies room, for one, and two, how do you bounce out of a stall with the pooh aroma in every fiber of your hair and clothes and still manage to say hello to the people who are holding their breath whilst washing their hands because your booty stank?

One Lonely Response to Well, poop

  1. Tiff :

    Whatever. People who have to work 16 hours a day will eventually have to poo. What are they supposed to do- drive home?