I’m so bummed.

I had a friend in my work building back in 2009. We started here at the same time.

We both left and both returned at the same time in 2014.

Today he told me Idiot Landlord shit-canned him. His last day is Thursday.

Reminds me of the joyful people who shit-canned me the day after Christmas so many years ago. Way to celebrate Good Friday/Easter weekend.

These fools want to raise the rent 20%. But losing my buddy will make it suck 20% more. I should think that alone would justify a discount.

I’m trying very hard not to think about the Weakest Link on Team Awesome. How the guy who manages my building and removes my trash is more cooperative, thoughtful, hard-working, eager to complete a project and think a few steps ahead, make someone’s life easier, or basically just be pleasant and valuable in general that that toadstool who makes it a point to tell me that “they are to be told if they are needed past a certain hour” (cough cough FIVE P.M.) but that shit don’t come out when they are cc’ing the higher-paid set.

In any event. It makes me sad when people love their jobs and try very hard to do excellent work get let go, while others who aren’t worth much more than dog shit on a shoe will “stick” around forever and stink up the place.

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