Viva Las Vegas indeed

I won $300 in Vegas (we won’t say how much I lost — we only concentrate on the *good* number!), so I went out today and bought a Rokr for me and a Razr for Mom. And here I’d thought it would be another dismal Christmas. 🙂

I had really wanted the V3i, but that isn’t out yet and I just wanted to do something to commemorate this very welcome streak of luck that I had while I was away. Because it’s no fun to take your winnings to actually, like, pay bills or something equally dreary, right?

What I said in my previous post — about how it blows goats to come home because that means life has to go back to its humdrum normal self — well, is definitely true to a point. But I’ve also got this motivation to make sure I’m twice as happy at this point next year.

Several of us had discussions on the trip about how Italian grandmothers and Jewish grandmothers are pretty much interchangeable — those of us who had them were all reared to be afraid of our own shadows. But, at least in my family, I get it now.

No one wanted me to be afraid for the sake of being scared — rather, they were afraid I’d have a taste of the good life and it would only end up being just a brief morsel before Cinderella is returned to the castle and shackled to the fireplace till the end of time. And while, sure, I’ll have fond memories of my party shoes (or, for as much running around as I did, I’ll remember taking off those shoes!), I’m that much more motivated to feel this good again. And soon.

3 Responses to Viva Las Vegas indeed

  1. Lachlan :

    Please, please, PLEASE tell me you have a warranty plus insurance on that phone.

    Rokr’s are notorious for problems.

    Still, I love the concept and I hope you find it fun AND (continuously) functional.

  2. IndigoSunMoon :

    Oh you lucky gal! 300 bucks!
    And oh my gosh…I want one of those
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday
    Much love,

  3. Janet :

    I never heard of a Rokr OR a Razr before. I did, however, hear of Al Roker and a razor. I know the two are not related, but hey, it was worth a shot.

    I’m here upon recommendation from Blog of Pratt.:)