Virtual Goddess

Goddess is at home in bed right now, napping under her fluffy winter comforter from IKEA that is designed for the coldest months.

The body of Goddess, however, has had “a day” so far and it’s one that ain’t over yet. Far from it. 🙂

It’s “good” busy, though. I am leaving town in short order, and guess who is flying one day but whose hotel stay doesn’t begin till the next day? Yep. And who was told that her hotel for the unplanned night would cost $499? Ha!

I went to my travel agent and got alternate accommodations for the first night, and now I’m paying over $200 for Teh Cheese. It was either Teh Cheese or Bubble Gum Vomitorium, which had a little too much of Teh Pink for my tastes. *barf* I can’t WAIT to take photos and talk about what an experience it was, which means I will probably fall in love with it.

In good news, my order just arrived, as I bought some shit for ze trip and will now have auditory joy on ze plane. Yay for imports!

Hmm, 4:30 p.m. and I still haven’t started today’s newsletter, last week’s report, two weeks ago’s slideshow and today’s Web site. Guess I know where I’ll be for the next dozen hours. …

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