I wrote the prologue of my NaNo novel. I like to believe I’m brilliant under pressure, but I may be reconsidering that line of thinking.

It’s cool, in a way, though. I never finished last year’s novel, so I decided to pick up with the same characters, but a year down the road. And while I suck at plot development, I am better-than-mediocre at exposition. So, right now, I get to encapsulate all the shit I was supposed to put my characters through, but in just a few paragraphs. Muse help me when I have to start writing real action scenes.

1,000 words and counting. And trying to find the time for this? A way bigger challenge than writing coherent, cohesive thoughts.

I echo the thoughts of one of my writing buddies: “It’s gonna be a long month.”

One Lonely Response to Underwhelmed

  1. Barb :

    I signed up for this, as well. First time. Please feel free to add me as a writing buddy, username bloggochicago. Good luck!