I am in a bit of a mood today. And I’m especially tweaked over the Twunt — yes, I finally have a name for the Wicked One. Twat seemed too mild. And cunt was just too cliche.

But Twunt? Yep. The one-two punch of a Massengil and Summer’s Eve merger.

I really need to get out of this field. It’s too bad I’m so good at what I do and I LIKE it, minus the Twunt Factor.

Too bad we just lost a wonderful little lady in our life but that miserable Twunt will roam this world forever.

Rapture, can haz?

2 Responses to Twunt

  1. Mel :

    I am having a pretty shit-tacular day today but your new word made me laugh and it’s almost 2 am.Will you add it to urban dictionary or should I?

  2. Goddess :

    Oh, go ahead and add it. 🙂 I just got sick of thinking there wasn’t a word strong enough to describe this beastess. Twunt, twunt, twunt!!!