Tuesday randomness

I keep thinking that it might be wise to create a category called “Tuesday Randomness” because it is the title that comes to mind this time every week because everything that pops up is always so damned random.

So without further ado, the inaugural (and, let’s face it, only) Tuesday Randomness!


Ah, the post office on tax-deadline day. Organized chaos, I guess. The line to get in was wrapped around a full city block, and the only reason I was there was to buy a stamp, as who actually MAILS shit? I pay all my bills online. I’ve used about 15 checks in my checkbook, because those were for rent payments and deposits on new places. No sense in even changing the address on ’em, at this point.

I ended up helping an elderly man once I was inside — he was struggling with the postage machine. First it was understanding it, then it was trying to get the damn thing to accept the crisp bill he was inserting. Finally I ended up giving him change for a $5 so he could get his stamps. Poor guy. 🙂

This morning I stopped at the grocery store to pick up lunch (which is still sitting in the fridge, uneaten), and not a goddamned soul was working. So I ended up helping the elderly set to use the self-checkout. Then when it was my turn, all went well until the machine refused my debit card. Christ. Figures — the only one who knows how to use the fucking machine, it breaks for!


Lakeisha just sucked. Wow. I was sort of predicting her to be next to go (after that oxygen thief San-jay-jay, whenever that will happen), because she seems so uncomfortable in her own skin. And that’s hard to watch, because for those of us who might ever feel that way about ourselves sometimes, it’s tres icky to watch it happening to others. She ain’t winning this thing, sad to say.

I’m just thrilled, though, to be watching Martina McBride. The woman’s beautiful, her voice is a powerhouse and, hell, I love me some good country music. And Jordin Sparks sung her “Broken Wing” song. *swoon* I daresay it was as good as the original, if not better.


I’ve been enjoying my job security a little too much — I’m two steps away from coming in there in a kerchief and a bad body wave (like San-jay-jay did tonight) and screeching at the top of my lungs. We finally discovered tonight WHY I’m so behind in everything. Turns out that doing work for everyone else means mine falls by the wayside. But I finally have a start date for my new hire, and while it can’t come soon enough, at least it’s coming. But man, the hoops required to make it happen. Sheesh. Like my old friend Kathy used to say, “I have more ass than you have teeth, so keep chewing (it out)!” Freaking act of congress, I’ll tell you. But the wait? Will be SO worth it.


My best friend and I talk pretty much every other day. Usually it’s me calling for advice or to share the latest gossip or to just squee over fun stuff or ask for her to set me on the right track if I feel like I’m aimless. But today, she was the one looking for me to give her the reason to look at the bright side. Yes, me as the person directing others to the bright side. Pause and ponder, kids. 😉

That’s the beauty of old friends. We know where each other came from, and how long and hard the road was. Perspective doesn’t come easily, but when it comes from someone else you think the world of, it’s not something you can ever argue with. I’m glad to be in a position to drop everything else and mend someone’s heart, as that heart has saved me on countless occasions. And the thing that makes both of us the happiest? Hearing the other one achieving success. Because it’s a victory for both of us. There are the assholes who begrudge you the slightest upswing, but real friends root for you as hard as they wish for themselves. Maybe we even advocate for our loved ones even harder.


OMG, happy. Happy, happy, happy. Everything’s going so well right now. *knock on wood* I hate even having to think to knock on wood, but hey, I ain’t jinxing nothin’. 🙂 Funny how we’re so damned bewildered when luck runs smack into us, after so much time spent looking for it. But that’s the problem — when you’re having fun and not looking, the fun manages to continue.

I like it when life’s interesting in a good way — I know, duh, who doesn’t? But I keep so much to myself. Not necessarily in fear of jinxing stuff (OK, so maybe I do), but what’s amazing is that when you set your mind on something, it somehow migrates closer — sometimes within your grasp. Even if it seems far away, it’s still comforting knowing that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train. 😉

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