Truth in advertising

So I just got carded at the store. Hah. They even type in your drivers’ license number before they ring you up. Brilliant.

I asked the girl why she even asked, and she said, “I saw the iPod, and erred on the side of you being under 21.”

I love her. 🙂

Of course, in a moment of backache-induced honesty and where-did-that-come-from unintentional iPhone snobbery, I said, “Actually, it’s an iPhone. Mommy and Daddy didn’t buy it for me, but thanks for thinking that.”

That’s the problem with me being in excruciating pain — honesty. Or, rather, lack of tact. You might want to stay away from me if you’re intending to rub me the wrong way or if your mama didn’t teach you any social graces, because I am easing my pain with telling you which concentric circle of hell to visit. And it probably isn’t one of the lesser ones, either.

Speaking of truth in advertising, I was trolling one of the popular dating sites when I realized that if the people are single, it says “Has been in a committed relationship but never married.” But I know for a fact that you can’t actually say that you’ve never been in a committed relationship.

Not to say that everyone who hasn’t been in one is toxic — I don’t know that I’ve ever been in one and I don’t think that makes me incapable of it. Not completely, anyway, although I am beginning to wonder. 😉

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