‘Toe’tal mess

My feet were killing me (read: they were bleeding) so I tried to hobble outside the hotel to buy new shoes. But I couldn’t find the Payless I’d spotted a day or two ago, so I had to waste entirely too much money on a pair of Aerosoles that, frankly, was the pair I hated the least. Ugh.

Too bad I can’t expense the fifty bucks for those shoes. They don’t aggravate the existing wounds too much, but for what those ugly fuckers cost, the pain has traveled up to my wallet and made me practically forget about my tootsies!.

I do like it here in the city by the bay. I would just like to get a day or two to myself to actually do something touristy. Oh well. These trips certainly aren’t all about me, so I’ll get over it. But what I wouldn’t give to have “Denny” (my “GA” buffs will understand) leave ME $8.7 million. I’d be on a plane back here faster than you can ask if you can come along. …

One Lonely Response to ‘Toe’tal mess

  1. Barb :

    Aerosoles? I just checked their site and their shoes don’t look too bad. I always thought they were an old lady brand. 😛