To recap

This week I:

  • Went to lunch with a wallet from which I’d forgotten that I had removed my credit cards.
  • Broke the rearview mirror.
  • Lost my shoe in the rain and couldn’t recover it from the quicksand.
  • Cried a whole lot.

This weekend I:

  • Fixed the reariew mirror.
  • Returned to look for the lost shoe. I did not find it but I did leave with a shoe on each foot.
  • Bought two cute leather jackets for fall. And a dress to save for a special occasion.
  • Said a lot of things I needed to say. Without fear, judgment or repercussion.

The good thing about me is I get emotional exactly 12 times a year. Kind of like my 12 days of Christmas, only mine happen every 28 days. (And best present ever, by the way. The joy of knowing one is not knocked up, yes, but also the excuse to be oneself.)

I feel like I aged a year in the last seven days, and I certainly look it. But I earned every damn gray hair on my head and I will wear it like a badge of honor.

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