To perchance get some damn sleep for a change

One of my Tweeps asked how one could hate an entire race of people.

I need more than 140 characters to answer that.

Before I moved to the latest projects (I say this after growing up in REAL projects. That cost about two grand a month less), I think I liked everyone. Or, at least, I didn’t write off a person’s entire family or country of origin because they were a dick.

A dick is a dick. Sorry you happen to be related to him/her. I won’t hold it against you.

Then I met Thundercunt, Big Giant Pussy, Fraggle and Baby Who Cries as Much as Daddy.

I went out dancing Friday night and someone asked what nationality they are. Which would normally make me flip my shit. Because that’s just wrong.

But in this case, I was only too happy to say I “hate-ee” them very, very much. So they must be from Haiti.

Everyone laughed.

I got home late after a fun night. I was asleep not two hours when Big Giant Pussy started loud-talking right over my head. I found out Thundercunt was doing the same over Mom’s head.

I wonder if they spent the night in different bedrooms, after yelling and rattling the ceiling all day and bouncing the kids to and from the parking garage.

In any case, the morning was filled with their bullshit. By 10 a.m., the “yo-yo-motherfucker” music was BLASTING. These twits don’t seem to consider maybe a Rugrats soundtrack or Baby Einstein. You know, kid-friendly stuff.

In any case, they were fighting over the music.

Mom and I ran errands late in the day. I was so tired, I burst into tears. So so so tired.

Here’s the deal. I hear people with that LOUD voice, with that horrible accent, bellowing and blubbering through stores like I hear upstairs … and I LOSE MY SHIT.

I know my hatred is directed right up at 2409. 100% hatred, all for them.

But …

Anybody who looks and sounds like them? On my shit list.

One nasty woman in a store started bellowing at mom. Mom gave her a dirty look. The woman snapped at her for looking at her that way.

Now, Mom normally wouldn’t say shit even if she had a mouthful. But not this time. She said, “How about not SCREAMING in my ear like you’re uncivilized?”

Go, mom!

I know everyone says God doesn’t change situations; he puts you in situations to change you.

So I’m turning into a short-fused, angry asshole over this bullshit. And I don’t know if these fuckwits are from Haiti but I really, really feel threatened and afraid by their sharp voices, threats that they’re going to “get” me and the fact that they will get all up in my face and antagonize me.

Further, I hate being disrespected. Everyone else here says hello and holds the doors and treats me nicely. Who the fuck are these uncouth asswipes to use my hair to wipe their stank asses?

So to answer the Tweep’s question, how can someone hate an entire group of people? Well, that’s how.

I would feel less threatened, yes, if they looked and sounded like me. Or if they responded to reason. But you wanna act like a savage and I don’t have anyone else setting a positive example, well. I may be a jerk but I’m assuming dipshit till proven otherwise.

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