Thoughts for a sunny Monday

1. After breathing the same truck’s exhaust for 17 miles, I am doing a Countdown to Civilization. I need a move date for the office. And I am going to Cabbage Patch my pudgy pork roast butt off when moving day arrives.

2. Fun with headlines (although abbreviated because, lazy): Fed Cancels Plans to Fly Migrants to California for Processing. Soylent Green processing?

3. I found an old content strategy that I had drafted up for one of my failed employment adventures. It’s funny how companies let me waste my real talents, which I think is strategy but I always find myself in “thinking on the spot” situations and never really moving past them. Because, I don’t know how. So, maybe I suck at strategy after all.

4. That said, I got a really good idea that I can use now. Well, in time, anyway. If I can figure out how to have it make money, I will be all over it.

4.a. Was that me getting my fire back?

5. My body clock detests everyone who gives me pre-market work. Every time I start my day earlier, I end it later because I’m tired all day and can’t “get it up” for the creative outbursts I used to experience.

5.a. Fire extinguished so soon?

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