This is what the happy version of me looks like

I wasn’t going to come up to Orlando for this awesome conference. But boy am I glad I did.

There are probably 100 people in the room. I have worked with more than half of them at some point in my career. Like one of my recent Chicago trips, it’s become a family reunion.

This is why I love the field. For no other reason than the truly remarkable people I’ve encountered amidst all the shitheads.

Of course, one of the guys kept Facebooking me the whole time because he was hot for my friend. He wanted to take her out to dinner last night. She said no thanks and then this guy spent the rest of the event nagging me to reveal that he’s the one asking (I didn’t tell him I had) and then he waited for her to leave the event.

He FB’d me later to say she somehow managed to get past him because he waited for her to leave. I said glad to know that all his visiting me and catching up with me was total bullshit. Thanks a bunch.

So, other than that, not a bad show.

He shocked me when he let me know he’s separated. And then two of my guy friends I went out partying with last night
said they were getting divorced too.

I have a friend I thought of, who really should get divorced, but who seems to want to save the woman, if not the marriage. And it just annoyed me in a way that here are three men who are 100% happier that they decided to end the fighting and tension (and they all have kids too) but other people will stick with an ice queen like it’s some mission from God or punishment for breathing.

Speaking of punishment for breathing, I should probably check my inbox. Who only knows what I missed while I was busy enjoying a weekday for a marvelous change.

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