This is the story of a girl. Who cried a river and drowned the whole world 

Mercury retrograde. Layoffs. Disbanding the team. Being evicted. What we fought for, destroyed. Products dismantled. Mercury retrograde. And the cause of almost all of it being a cavalier cad. 

And yes, cad. I do blame you.

It’s like playing shit bingo. And being a loser even though you’ve dabbed every damn square. 

I broke today. I bet someone will be happy to hear that. Messr. Bummer that it’s all exploding, what other gossip ya got?

And broke, not just the car stalling breakdown this morning that was thankfully in a school zone and not on 95.  I will miss these school zones. 

But when my dear friend thanked me for making their brief, excellent adventure possible, I was done for.  Finished. Cried a fucking ocean two blocks from a real one. 

I need this divorce to get to court. I need it done. Two weeks of shit bingo is enough. And I know it’s only just starting. 

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