This country needs more culture. And intelligence. Starting with this county.

I am sitting in a hotel lobby in a county that went largely for Trump. They have Fox News on the teevee because they cater to these types, I guess.

I’m seeing coverage of the Tax Marches and am very proud of my fellow resistors. Forrest Trump is a proven liar and cheat, yet the people around me are quietly saying how dumb the marches are.

I had to move away from the TV because my blood was boiling at the on-air idiots going from pooh-poohing the marchers who want transparency to applauding Forrest Trump’s decision to hide White House visitor logs. Jesus Christ. Trumpy is off being a fake Christian at “his” church — he isn’t even watching his favorite propaganda station right now!

In any event, this triggered my memory. I was in a store yesterday and we could hear loud salsa music. Folks started chattering that there was a “Spanish event” on the next block. I said oh, cool, like a food festival or a parade? The girl in front of me said she wasn’t sure — she just saw folks setting up a bandstand.

And the cashier — THE CASHIER, representing the company — says, “Oh probably a revival or something.”

I blinked. “Um, what?!”

She must have thought I was in agreement. “Who knows what they do. Other than block traffic.”

Well, it’s on a back street and not either of the main parkways in this town. First of all. Second, that’s pretty freakin’ insensitive.

I’d call it racist. But it was clear the large black dude behind me in line was her boo. Since she was talking to him more than to any of us who were handing her money.

Oh and it wasn’t a revival. I took an hour to walk through. There were souvenirs and foods and services for people from Cuba, El Salvador, Peru, Argentina and more.

And any culture that puts pina coladas in pineapples is all right by me.

Revival of taste buds, maybe. 

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