The trick is to keep breathing

One of my boys asked me yesterday how three of my other boys — the Peaches — met.

It dawned on me quickly that if just one of them had missed a plane … or had to run back to their hotel … or stopped to talk to someone else … these people would never have decided to start up a band, shall we say, and thus to arrive as a big box of peaches on our doorstep.

No head peach, no sweet peach and certainly no Angry Orchard.

While we all agree that their arrival in our lives was for the better (about 51% of the time), I can’t help but think about how blissfully uneventful things could be sometimes.

“Always the one who has to drag her down
Maybe you’ll get what you want this time around
Can’t bear to face the truth
So sick he cannot move
And when it hurts he takes it out on you.”

— Garbage, “The Trick is to Keep Breathing”

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