The second-most-irritating moment of last week

The phrase that made me the second-most-nuts last week (the first being, “What are you doing Friday?”):

In the context of, “I’m not going to hit your deadline and here’s why,” I heard …

“I’m so busy! I might not even get to take a WHOLE LUNCH HOUR TODAY!”

As I was munching on my salad and editing a 27K-word document at my desk for about the 360th day in a row.

What also made me nuts, this week, another source:

“And why is it not done?” Implied: “Yes we know you are slammed with other things. But this was a No. 1 priority too.”

I’ve enjoyed the past couple of weeks of having a life. I’m thinking it’s time to get back on top of things and start riding people and burning my own midnight oil again.

Because, it ain’t going to burn itself. That’s for sure.

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