‘The Rhodora’: urban edition

Been arriving at work earlier than usual to try to get stuff done before phone calls. And working at night to try to get stuff done after phone calls.

It hasn’t been going well. Working on a project for a half hour here and there is pretty much the textbook definition of wasting oodles of time.

I notice things when I’m up early. There’s a neighborhood Calico who comes to my window to say hi, but only when Mom is around. (No one else.) I have food for her in my desk. (Thanks to Mom.)

We have condos next door and she looks like someone loves her. But I will never pass up an opportunity to feed anyone or anything. (Not the least of which is myself.)

One morning this week, I noticed a single purple flower on one of our bushes. It was so beautiful, I had to stop and marvel. There wasn’t another one anywhere.

I thought I should take a photo, and figured I’d do it on my next Starbucks run.

Well I went out later and saw that one of the boys had knocked it to the ground.

So much for that.

Kind of like when Mom comes in and mops and cleans the windows and the bathroom. It only takes two hours till I want to throttle someone for disturbing the perfection.

I feel like the flower is a metaphor for something. What, I have no idea. But when I get two seconds to rub together, hopefully it will start a thought fire.

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