The one that got away

I got to talking with a fellow Stuppendous Badass about our unique (and perhaps uniquely underappreciated) ninja roles within our respective empires.

Moreover, we got to talking about what we could do if we could ever break the shackles we custom-built so well.

We excelled at becoming the centralized cog in a very big wheel. And they don’t make them like us, you know — my friend has a hard time finding equally hard workers, and I have a perfectly miserable time finding equally smart/capable workers.

How do we get to do what it is we want to do when we have no hope of ever having the opportunity to FIGURE OUT EXACTLY WHAT THAT IS?

Last time I worked in this building, I was out of pubs entirely. And job-wise, I was never happier. The harassment wasn’t a good time, so I left … and fell back into pubs again.

I could excel in that whack-a-mole-hole perhaps if I didn’t have so many pubs and 50 side jobs (and first dates. *cough*) to boot — how do I get back to a role I wish I could have loved for a lot longer?

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