‘The maxx for the minimum’ my ASS

That would be, the maximum aggravation for the minimum price, my new slogan for TJ Maxx.

I hate that store with the fire of a thousand suns. But I love discount shopping. The only reason we went there yesterday was because Mom called from Pittsburgh to ask me to try to hunt for a rug she needed. (She needs two of everything. Don’t ask.)

Anyway, I didn’t find the throw rug but I did see a small carry-on case that I really needed. I’ve been carrying this silver-and-black duffel bag on planes, and it’s great but I can’t stick it atop my rolling suitcase. The new bag was $13 and the fabric matches my “good” suitcase.

So we were about ninth in line at a register. There were four other lines, equally long.

Our cashier was waiting on someone when she decided to, oh, LEAVE. In mid-transaction. She brushed past all of us, whining, “My finger hurts!”

The woman at the counter was all, “Did she just ABANDON me?”

A few minutes passed. I was dying to see how this turned out, so I didn’t move. None of us did. By now six people had gotten behind me. The cashier did wander back and called over another cashier to “help” her with something. The guy came over to the resister, and she said, “OK, can you cover me? I need to take a break. My finger hurts.”

The guy said, “Hel-LO, I have customers too!”

But she left again anyway.

The woman who was half rung-up asked another cashier to call the manager. This after the second guy went back to his customers.

By now, I had decided to jump into the line closest to the door. It was the longest line, but that guy seemed to be the most efficient of the C-student pool. As we waited (by bratty kids. Ugh. HATE other people’s kids. HATE), I saw the nutbag cashier strolling around with a shopping cart. Not shopping, just circling with an empty one. Weird little woman.

The manager did come and rang up the few people remaining in line. He slapped up a big ol’ “register closed” sign, though, as he was above ringing people up, I guess.

I wondered if she got fired or disciplined for that little stunt. My ass hurts, but that doesn’t mean I get to, say, leave my desk in the middle of an urgent project. Sheesh! Of course, she’s probably not the worst employee they ever encountered, so who only knows — she might get promoted for not just walking off the job completely!

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