That unfamiliar hopeful feeling

I didn’t do any work last night. Went straight to bed after dinner. So this is what having EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP feels like.

Life took an interesting turn this week on the crush front. I got asked two questions that someone would have had to have stalked me online to know to ask. Which made me happy. 😉

I figure nothing ever goes the way I want it to, but it’s fun to wish anyway.

And I’m willing to entertain the fact that life has been so stressful and all about money that maybe I allow too much daydreaming time. But I’m quite grateful to the universe for the distraction.

I just need to remember to focus on what gets me paid. And after all the anxiety and tears of the last year, I’d like to not always have to worry. But I probably always will.

I don’t just think; I obsess.

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