Thank you, Joe from Hialeah

I swear I only stay subscribed to dating sites because they either entertain me or help my career.

Case in point, I got a great message last night from someone. Well-written (for a change), spelled correctly and even mentioned meeting up on one of my favorite streets in South Florida.

I’ll forgive him that he talked mostly about himself and didn’t ask any questions. 🙂 After all, he’s prospecting. He knows I’m not ready to buy yet — he’s just trying to get me to agree to sample the product.

But he didn’t close the deal.

Basically all I got was a “hey lady, look at me” — a nice headline and a soft sales pitch … WITH NO CALL TO ACTION.

Not “I’d love to hear back from you.” Not “hey, there’s a new bar on X Avenue if you’d like to meet up next weekend.” Not even, “Care to continue the conversation over coffee?” Or, hell, “Hi, I’ve told you enough about me. Here’s a question for you to make you write back.” Not in so many words, of course.

Anyway, yeah. How many relationships are never started, friendships are never continued and sales are never closed simply because nobody ASKED for someone to take an action?

That’s the thing. I’m not planning to reply. Seems nice enough. Seems like he’s been all over the world and we’d have a lot to talk about. But I’m not motivated enough to come up with things to talk and inquire about, simply because I didn’t see a call to action and therefore I don’t feel obligated to act.

Damn, I am going to write some good (actionable) copy today

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