T-22 days

Mom went to bed early because she’s dizzy. Again. This is a thing now. 

Nae-Nae is stomping around on her wood floors in heels. The kids are beating on mom’s ceiling. I can hear them from the living room. 

My colleague who lives across the lake apparently has no clue about my nine lives online. So he said innocently enough, “Do you still like it there?”

I said when did I ever like it? He said he knows the upstairs people are awful. He can even hear them screaming and see them walking around from across the lake. 

He says he’s encountered a lot of snooty people here. I said trash is more like it. Not enough money to buy class. Then I told him about the crazy who charged me around the lake with her unleashed dog. He said wow. 

I said it out loud that I’m not renewing my lease. It felt freeing. I don’t know if by speaking it into existence that I’ll come into money and move to Tuscany or that I’ll be without means to pay the rent. Either way, I’m looking for daylight and running toward it. 

I just hope mom is strong enough to run with me. 

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